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All Kids Deserve a Phone-Free School

​The Phone-Free Schools Movement is a collaborative effort by parents, educators, administrators, students and community members. Our mission is to provide youth the freedom to excel academically and develop socially without the distractions, pressures and harms of phones and social media during the school day.


If you haven’t already, JOIN THE MOVEMENT TODAY! Please also consider these additional ways you can support the movement. Share the movement on social media. Share your personal story with us. Share schools that have successfully created a phone-free culture so that we can add them to our database. Thank you!

Share Your Support

Help us grow this important movement! Share your support for Phone-Free Schools by sharing our website and social media pages with your friends and school community.

Share Your Story

Whether you are a student, parent, teacher or school administrator, your personal stories of how social media and smart phones have affected the school day are truly what will drive this movement forward and create the change we so desperately need.

Share Your School

Register your phone-free school and receive a certificate of recognition from the PFSM.  Phone-free schools must meet the criteria outlined by the Phone-Free Schools Movement.