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Become an ambassador to advocate for Phone-free Schools in your community

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Our Ambassador Program

The ambassador program is a network of regional and/or state community advocates who align with the mission and vision of the Phone-Free Schools Movement. As a PFSM ambassador, you will assist in the growth and success of this movement and help all stakeholders connect and assist in the mission of K-12 schools adopting a bell-to-bell phone-free policy that meets the PFSM criteria.

How the Program Works

PFSM Will:

As a PFSM Ambassador, you are aligned and committed to our mission and become an extension of our organization. PFSM is also committed to helping you succeed. We will:

  • Outline the process of connecting with stakeholders.
  • Provide a comprehensive toolkit to share with school administrators (available summer of 2024).
  • Provide the tools, information, and resources needed to execute all outreach to ensure our Ambassadors are representing the missions and vision of our nonprofit organization.
  • Quarterly meetings to ensure all members of our ambassador program are aligned.
  • Keep you updated with new resources needed to aid in your success.

Ambassador's Will:

  • Participate in an initial Ambassador call with the co-founders of PFSM.
  • Regular communication with the PFSM leaders.
  • Increase outreach and engagement with members of the PFSM community in your state – teachers, parents, students, administrators, schools – to build a strong and engaged network of advocates. Recruit other advocates and work together to share our resources with stakeholders and schools in your region and/or state.
  • Promote the Phone-Free Schools Movement by disseminating our resources and doing local outreach to schools in your area.
  • Utilize our before and after survey with schools who are going phone free.
  • Work directly with PFSM co-founders to implement phone-free policies in schools within your community.
  • Collaborate with community members and organizations in your area to further develop our database of stories/resources that can help schools become phone-free. Encourage others to share their stories on our website.
  • Gather phone policies from schools that meet our definition to expand our phone-free school database and encourage them to share their phone-free school on our website.